Jaisalmer Desert Festival

An annual festival that is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur awaits you in the desert sands of Jaisalmer in Rajashthan in the months of February. We are talking about the Jaisalmer Desert Festival. A festival tour to Jaisalmer during this time will definitely give you a life-time memory to cherish with. This annual event takes place in the month of January/February as per the Hindu calendar of the month of Magh, 3 days before the full moon.

In 2021, it was celebrated from 25th February to 27th February, though the celebration was slightly on a low-scale owing to the Covid Pandemic. But, considering the fact that the country will have better days coming ahead, you can surely plan for Jaisalmer Desert festival 2022, scheduled to be held from 14 th to 16 th February. Book your Jaisalmer Desert Festival tour with Truly India Tours, the best DMC for India and get some exciting deals and offers.

The 3-day extravaganza Jaisalmer festival is organized on the Sam dunes of the Thar Desert, 42 kilometers from Jaisalmer and tourists from far across the nation and the world can actually feel the life and pulse of a lively desert during this time.

History behind the Jaiselmer Desert Event

Legends claim that Lord Krishna once told Pandava Arjun that one of the sons’ from Yaduvanshi clan would set-up his kingdom at the Trikuta Hill. In the year 1196, Rawal Jaiswal, a brave Yaduvanshi Bhati warrior, established the place at the Trikuta hill and named it as “ Jaisalmer” after him. It was in the month of Magh, Jaisalmer, the place, thus, originated and people celebrated the day as prophesy of Lord Krishna came true. The celebrations continue even today for three days with great pride and enthusiasm.

Thar Desert Festival Jaisalmer – Some Significant highlights

Today, this desert festival is one of the most popular Rajasthan festivals. The Rajasthan State Tourist Corporation has always played an immense role in making this prestigious festival a huge success in Jaisalmer. It has become a major tourist attraction of the state of Rajasthan for both locals and foreigners. A wide range of accommodation options is available, along with desert camps, luxury tents on the sand dunes.

A plethora of fun-filled activities is available for you on these three days of the event. The best part is that this festival tour is an expression of the traditional roots and glorious ancient heritage of Rajasthan and how people are retaining the culture of the state with local folk fare and other festive celebrations.

Cultural bonanza

You will be amazed to watch the vibrant puppet shows, juggling events, competitions like Maru-Shri (Mr. Desert competition), the longest moustache competition, turban tying competitions, local folk dances like as the Gair dance, folk-fire dances. The Bhopa’s Langhas and Manganiars fill the atmosphere with their poignant music and folk songs and ballads. Camels are also an essential part of the Jaisalmer festival celebrations. You can watch and cheer in the fun-filled camel polo matches and camel races and gymnastic stunts on camel back performed by the local artists. All local artists are decked-up in their traditional colorful attires that make the celebrations all the more vibrant.

Desert safari

You can go for a desert safari on camels on the shimmering sands. The extensive stretch of golden sandy Thar Desert will take your breath away when you experience a roller coaster ride on a camel. The Desert Safari on a camel should not be missed at all on this desert festival tour.

Adventurous activities

Many tourists also enjoy off-roading on the sand dunes under the supervision of an expert. Many travel freaks consider this to be a much better experience than the one that you enjoy in the Gulf countries. Apart from dune bashing, you can also opt for quad biking, which lets you explore the Thar desert on a four-tire motorbike. Jeep safari over the shifting sand dunes is another adventure activity. Jaisalmer Parasailing lets you quench your thirst for adventure in the desert. You get a panoramic view of the majestic dry sands while parasailing which is indeed an unforgettable experience.

Shopping haven

It is a shopping haven for the tourists at Jaisalmar Festival. You will come across several stalls selling handicrafts, jewelries, garments, souvenirs, and other local knick-knacks. There is no question of you coming back empty handed. The Rajasthan Tourism Department provides an opportunity for the local artisans to showcase their handicrafts on this Jaisalmer tour.

Food Paradise

Of course, how can you miss the various food stalls, where you relish on local Rajashthani cuisines and sweet dishes served with utmost delicacy?

Inauguration and Grand Finale Highlights

The Jaisalmer festival starts off with a procession in the morning. It commences from the Jaisalmer Fort and ends at the Shahid Poonam Singh Stadium. On the Grand Finale Day, the festival ends with Rajasthani folk concert, which is usually followed by an Air Force display, cricket match and parachuting. With the full moon backdrop, and “Sonar Qila” Jaisalmer Fort in the background, the festival creates a fairy-tale ambiance.

For the best tour operators of the country, Jaisalmar Desert Festival Tour is one of the most widely recommended Rajasthan Tours. The celebrations of this desert festival make the desert come alive with great spirits, enthusiasm, colors and happiness. Get yourself a vacation booked in the dates of the Jaisalmer festival with Truly India Tours.