Why Truly India?

Truly India designs tours for Travelers with a capital T: Those people who love to get out and get away. People who want to see and experience India like a local. Our goal – a pledge – to them is to make their favorite pastime an affordable reality.We invite dreamers to become doers. We turn Indian travel dreams into reality.

We understand that many travelers would prefer another day in backwaters in Kerala to a chocolate on their pillow. That’s why Truly India also offers guaranteed departures with hotels, transportation and sightseeing for less than $100 day – less than a night out at home might cost – and much less than travelers could book on their own.

We offer our travelers more time to explore the world by ensuring they won’t have to spend valuable time figuring things out. Not only do we give travelers the chance to vacation in India without any stress, thanks to the value we offer, expert Tour Directors and Local Guides give our travelers interesting insight and stories that bring meaning to the locations they visit.

Advantages of travelling with Truly India


Spectacular drives, scenic train rides, tuk-tuk rides, local ‘Metro-ride’ & even houseboats on lakes – we offer wonderful variety of transportation for a memorable travel experience.


Our packages include guided sightseeing and scenic highlights that reveal the best of your destination. Enjoy inside visits of the must-see sites with knowledgeable Local Guides who will bring each destination to life, as well as visit the path less taken and indulge in very local experiences. 

Optional Excursions

We try and build some free time in our tours, so you can eat, shop, and explore the way you want. Whether you’re into art, music, food, history, or whatever, we give you the freedom to truly personalize your trip with optional excursions as well. 


We love food & we also love sharing our favorite restaurants, street joints and local snacks with our guests. In your private tour, we include and offer as per your preferences and choices. In our guaranteed departures we strike a perfect balance to include major meals at special places. Breakfast is always included in our guaranteed departures. 


What we really love about our country is that not just the destination or the experiences, even our accommodations are a destination in themselves. A correct type of accommodation in at the correct place enhances the tour’s value in multi-folds. We offer very distinct accommodation for our guests. We love lodges between acres of tea garden, houseboats, jungle lodges, heritage palaces and forts, local homestays and much more. 


At the heart of every great tour are the friendly, knowledgeable folks who show you around and help you maximize your free time. We go to incredible lengths to find the most professional Tour Directors and Local Guides for you. 

Real Life Experiences

Real life experiences are those moments you know you’re really alive and experiencing something special. While it could be the instant you see one of the world’s great icons for the first time, it is more likely to be the moment you find yourself in the middle of a village square soccer game, being treated to a home-cooked meal by your local host or sharing a laugh with your fellow travellers as you try a new mode of transport

The Icons

Apart from being local, we understand that sometimes, it’s the bucket list items you just want to see. Let us show you the icons (may that be the Taj Mahal or Varanasi’s Ghats) so you have more time to get to the heart and soul of each destination.