Camel Festival (Bikaner)

All You Need to Know about Colorful and Lively Camel Festival in Bikaner

Camel Festival is one of India’s most highly-acclaimed travel experiences, a breathtakingly beautiful celebration in the midst of camels with over 4 lakh visitors in the historical city of Bikaner in Rajasthan. Celebrated every year in the month of January for 2 days, Camel Festival tour is a must for tourists to have a spectacular glimpse of traditional carnival celebrations in India.

Camel festival: A brief history

Bikaner Camel festival is basically a trade festival. In ancient times, the livelihood of Rajasthan entirely depended on camels and Bikaner was the only camel breeding region of the state. Therefore, locals bring their camels to the breeding region for selling purpose. In due course of time, Department of Tourism, Art and Culture of the Rajasthan State Government started celebrating this event as a festival or fair. Being a desert area, camels are an integral part of Rajasthan, bearing the scorching heat and surviving the harsh climatic conditions, and this camel festival is actually considered as a tribute to camels for being loyal to the land of Bikaner. Camel festival is also one of the popular festivals of Rajasthan.

Bikaner Camel festival Tour: Special Highlights

Against the backdrop of Junagarh Fort in Bikaner, you will get to see an attractive parade of beautifully adorned camels, with colorful bridles, antique traditional necklaces and anklets. Once they parade on the desert sands, you can have a glimpse of the wonderful footwork, with the occasional tinkling sounds of the
anklets. Wow, it is indeed a lifetime opportunity to see a huge fleet of colorful camels all around. People from far across the country visit this place to enjoy the 2-days event.

Activities that make the Camel festival a life experience

  • You will be amazed to see the exhilarating performances of the camels like as Camel Tug of war, dance, acrobatics, beauty pageants, including competition for best breed of camels.
  • Rajasthani folk music and dance add further zing to this event.
  • Fire Dance, Puppet shows are other events that take the festival to another level.
  • You can enjoy camel rides too on the desert sands
  • You can experience the taste of unique camel milk sweetmeats and camel milk tea, along with other authentic Rajasthani delicacies
  • There is a shopping delight for tourists to splurge on traditional Rajasthani handicrafts, jewelleries, pottery and art works.
  • Traders can take part in camel trading.
  • Everything around is so beautiful and colorful that camel festival is a photographer’s delight.

A unique cultural festival, Bikaner camel festival is actually a life-time experience that is never to be missed. India’s best DMC for India, one of the best known travel companies in India, Truly India Tours offers some of the best deals of a complete package of Camel Tour. In 2022, the camel festival will be celebrated on 8 th and 9 th January. If you want to experience a colorful and lively event, then book a tour for Bikaner Camel Festival soon.