Top Places to Visit in Monsoon in India

Owing to India’s diversified topography, the monsoon season is definitely a different experience in different regions – be it the hill stations or the valleys or even the deserts. Planning a monsoon holiday tour is definitely a life-time experience.

Top Places to Visit in Monsoon in India

We present here a curated list of the top places to visit in Monsoon in India. If you want to see a breathtakingly beautiful sight during monsoon, you definitely have to visit these places in your Monsoon Tour Package. You can choose any of the locations given below for an exciting Monsoon Tour in India.

South India MonsoonTours

Munnar: Munnar in Kerala is a hill station with a picturesque landscape to die for. A popular tourist destination for all, the region has its own unique charm during the monsoons. With rains and drizzles, tourists can enjoy trekking, bird watching, hiking and sightseeing.

Kodaikanal : Another most-visited tourist place during the Monsoon is Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu. It is a treat to the eyes of the tourists during Monsoon time to spend some lovely moments when you witness the sun and clouds playing hide and seek with each other, and heavy downpours in the dark green woods.

Coorg: When you talk about monsoon destinations in South India, you cannot miss out Coorg in Karnataka. With cool breeze and a pleasant weather, light rains that make the surroundings look misty and green, Coorg’s spectacular view during the monsoon is worth experiencing.

Alleppey: Alleppey in Kerala has rightly been referred as “The Venice of the East”. It is the hub of Kerala’s backwaters. Being a home to a huge number of backwaters, spending a monsoon holiday in the houseboats is something not to be missed. Planning a monsoon tour in Alleppey will give you a chance to spend relaxing moments in the houseboats with occasional rains to enjoy the misty weather.

Athirapally: This is considered to be the favorite monsoon place in Kerala. Athirapally Falls is the major attraction here. And it has been rightly referred as the “Niagra of India”. During the monsoons, the waterfall appears in its full glory. A sight to behold every time you see it.

Wayanad: Known to be one of the best hill stations in South India, making a trip to Wayanad in Kerala for a monsoon holiday is never to be regretted. Located in the midst of Western Ghats, Wayanad offers the best trekking, mountain climbing, hiking routes etc. that you can ask for, that make your monsoon tour all the more fun-filled, adventurous and memorable.

Kumarakom: Last but not the least, another destination for a South India monsoon tour is Kumarakom. It is indeed a treat for travelers to be at Kumarakom in Kerala, which is known to have extended monsoons. Drizzles during the monsoon months make the atmosphere pleasant and the surroundings green and fresh.

West India Monsoon Tour

Mahabaleshwar: A beautiful hill station of Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar becomes all the more beautiful during the monsoons giving you a chance to explore the pristine greenery of the region. The place is perfect for a sightseeing and relaxing monsoon tour.

Lonavla: Enjoy and feel the raindrops dance on your face during your monsoon tour to Lonavla. Right from the forts to dams and parks and waterfalls, visiting Lonavla during the monsoons has its own unique charm that makes for a wonderful monsoon tour.

Khandala: When we talk about Lonavla, how can we forget Khandala, another popular tourist destination for a West India Monsoon Tour? In fact during monsoon after every heavy shower, the whole place gets covered with fog in seconds that itself gives an amazing look and feel. Just by staying inside the hotel rooms, enjoying the scenic beauty when it is raining outside is a different kind of relaxing stay.

Goa: Who said you cannot enjoy the beach during the rains? Come and explore Goa for an enthralling experience in Monsoons. Tourists flock to Goa during the rainy season to witness festivals in Goa like Sao-Joao, the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul and Bonderam Flag Carnival. And of course, with rains, walking on the wet sands is a different experience altogether.