29 November – 12 December 2023

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Situated in the far reaches of north-east India, Nagaland is full of rolling hills, lush rain-forests and a rich tribal culture. There are sixteen different Naga tribes, once fearsome warriors and head-hunters, which proudly uphold their heritage. Elaborate head-dresses, costumes, folklore, music and dance create a vivid culture, not to be missed.

In the far-flung corners of the Indian sub-continent, Kohima Camp, a luxury tented, glamping (glamorous camping) experience which coincides with the ten-day Hornbill Festival, is one of a kind.Kohima Camp highlights the traditions, customs, and culture, of the Nagas, the last head-hunters of India.Vibrant, vivid and full of fierce pride, the Naga culture extremely photogenic with colourful costumes, dramatic headgear, and handcrafted weapons and jewellery, which adds to the exotic aura that surrounds these ancient tribes.

Hornbill Festival

The Hornbill Festival is a ten-day feast for your senses. From dynamic displays of ancient head-hunting rituals, to mock fights, music, dance, food and even a fashion show, there’s never a dull moment. Camp in style at the Kohima Camp with sumptuous beds, crisp bed linens, luxurious furnishings, bathroom suites with hot and cold running water, and delectable cuisine. Savour local favourites like Rice Beer and tribal recipes. Each tented suite has its own private butler to assist you with your every need.
Our luxury campsite is one of the top camping sites in India. It is situated in a region inhabited by the Angami, one of the major Naga tribes. In the late 1800s, the feudal warfare between tribes came to a loss when the British annexed this territory. Their primitive religion, Animism, was phased out and most Angamis converted to Christianity. Their primary occupation today is paddy cultivation, and they are known for their innovative farming techniques that are adapted to the local landscape and climatic conditions.


Camp Facilities

Along with the daily attractions of the Hornbill Festival, with its dancing and singing, contests, shows and a range of cultural attractions, there is no end to other experiences to keep you occupied. Join us around the campfire in the evening for a drink and to listen to local authors and academics give fascinating talks on the local culture. Tour the graveyard dedicated to those who died in the battle of Kohima, one of the most important battles of the Second World War. Or listen to groups of local singers transport you back in time with their ethereal harmonies. We also have a small but carefully – curated library to give further insight into this astonishing culture.


Kohima Camp, Nagaland is nestled in a solitary deep forest at an altitude of 2,000 mtrs. (6600 ft.) above sea level, surrounded by gorgeous mountains. Our Camp location rests on a gentle slope in an untouched, thickly forested area. The Camp recreates a safari – inspired canvas luxury theme, interspersed with decadent colonial charms. Our super – luxurious tents are equipped with every amenity you could think of: from hand built furniture, bed linen and an astonishingly lovely bathroom to thick carpets and your personal butler on hand at all times for anything you might need. The cuisine at the camp, prepared by our five – star chefs from locally sourced fresh ingredients, is by far the best in the state.