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India’s colorful textiles are famous worldwide. Basically, India is a textile hub with its rich cultural heritage, and every region of India is associated with their respective traditional colorful textiles. So, textile tours in India are very popular and take you to some of the best locations of the country to explore the unique handlooms, silk and cotton textiles popular to that region.
Be it as a part of an educational tour or as a normal vacation tour, a textile tour definitely has its own charm, which makes such a tour all the more memorable, interesting, knowledgeable and fun. Tour packages for India include textile tours to different places in India in their list of specialized tours. Embark on a special journey with Truly India Tours, the best DMC for India, to explore the famous textiles and handicrafts of India.
Textile tours in India give you a scope of exploring the local markets, factories, weaving centers, textile centers, including the regular local sight-seeing expected in a tour package. Textiles Tours in India include destinations all over India. You book your textile tour package as per your need and interests.
Plan for a South India Textile Tour Package where you can actually see the silk and cotton weaves of the southern states, such as Kalamkari textiles and handloom weaving in Chennai, Kanjivaram silks in Kanchipuram, Chanderi Silks in Madurai, and so on.

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