Sujan Life


If you want to rediscover Rajasthan, the colorful state in north western part of India in three unique lifestyles, then the SUJAN life is the best tour package that you can opt for. The SUJAN life, a family owned property was set up in three popular destinations of Rajasthan – Ranthambhore, Jaisalmer and Jawai – to let travel buffs enjoy the state like never before. Prominent tour operators for India like as Truly India Tours offer exclusive tour package for the SUJAN life tour.
You can book a SUJÁN Life tour package in three distinct locations- SUJÁN Sher Bagh in Ranthambhore, SUJÁN the Serai in Jaisalmer and SUJÁN Jawai in Jawai. Each property has its own unique charm that makes a traveler enjoy both the traditional and modern way of life for a memorable vacation in Rajashthan.
A luxury Rajathan travel package include the SUJAN life tour to allow you to a enjoy a peaceful holiday amidst the natural surroundings in the fascinating tents and luxury camps.
When you book a SUJÁN Sher Bagh Tour Package, you will be experiencing a camp life along with a jungle safari at Ranthambhore National Park, India’s most popular Tiger Reserve. The property displays a perfect amalgation of elegance, luxury, comfort, in spite of living under canvas tents.
SUJÁN the Serai tour package allows you to have a relaxing and peaceful camping vacation in the 100 acre desert area, where you enjoy the Thar and rediscover the beauty of Jaisalmer.
The third property in the SUJAN Life is the SUJÁN Jawai. Book for SUJÁN Jawai Tour Package for an exciting, spell-binding vacation in the luxury camps in the wilderness of Jawai, where there is a peaceful co-existing of wild leopards and local Rajbari herdsman.

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