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Undoubtedly, India is the richest country in terms of cultural heritage as it has an unending collection of arts and crafts. The results would still be the same, even if you skip the applied arts or handicrafts. Thus, there are countless objects made by hands, throughout India on a daily basis. These artifacts are objects of personal artistic expressions, national pride, symbols of family heritage and identity and sources of livelihood, for the artisans. On the other hand, these artifacts are to facilitate household chores, souvenirs, a source of beauty, marks of refined taste, etc.

The artisans are versatile and varied. There is diversity found in the skills that an artisan has been carrying old traditions to various arts and crafts. Retaining the indigenousness of the skills, the artists have successfully refined them at the same time. Thus, the artisans are praised for presenting the fusing of trend and tradition, with the amalgamation of legacy and developing art forms.