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Cycling Tours in India are very exciting, adventurous fun tours which are preferred a lot in today’s time. While cycling is a part of many tour packages offered by tour operators for India, yet there are exclusive cycle tours opted by tourists as a complete tour package. Considering the fact that eco tourism is highly promoted in India, cycle tours have become quite popular and travelers love to explore the country by cycling on the diverse terrains.
Cycling tours in India is a beautiful way of travelling across the country in a leisurely manner with a close connection with the nature and lots of sightseeing. In fact, many consider cycling tours as an effective way of enjoying a vacation combined with fun, adventure, physical activity and sightseeing.
India’s extensive road networks, hilly terrains, valleys, plains, coastal lines offer a tremendous scope for travel buffs to opt for cycle tours in India. You can see and enjoy amazing routes with panoramic natural views when you book for cycling tours in India. Tour operators for India come up with varied cycle tour packages to explore different regions of the country. Truly India Tours, the best DMC for India, offers before you interesting and exciting cycle tours in India for cycle enthusiasts and travel buffs.
Let’s find out below some of the popular routes that can be chosen for a memorable cycle tour in India. One of the most popular road highways for cycling tour in North India Cycle Tour in India is the Manali – Leh route. Cycling in the states of Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh lets you pass through mountain passes, steep climbs, hairpin bends, plains and many streams and you can even marvel at villages and Buddhist monasteries.

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