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Culinary tours in India have become quite popular since the 1990s. The plethora of lip-smacking Indian Cuisines attracts the attention of food lovers from all across the world. Indian delicacies and food habits have evolved over the years and are molded by various customs, beliefs, religions, tribes, including topography and climate. As a result, in each region of India, you will find some specific dishes, just unique to that region.
For food lovers, there are culinary tours where food becomes your main attraction for exploration and choosing a destination for a holiday. Food connoisseurs can book for Culinary Tours in India to explore the food habits of different regions of India. All these food tours offer an important understanding of the variegated delicious cuisines of our country.
The Culinary Tour Packages in India by the tour operators of India take the food lovers to a journey of some of the most appetizing dishes in India. Let Truly India Tours, the best DMC for India be your travel partner to entice you to a gastronomic journey for a memorable vacation.
India’s culinary tours have lot many food delicacies to offer to tourists, along with the regular sightseeing. There are food specialties in every region like as non-veg tandoor in Delhi, Punjab, Awadhi cuisine in Lucknow, spicy delights in Rajasthan, vegetarian snacks delight in Gujarat, Mughlai and Biryani in Hyderabad, plethora of south Indian dishes in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, sea food in Goa, fish delicacies in West Bengal and Assam, ethnic tribal foods in North East India, and so on.

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