If you love nature, if you want to enjoy peace and serenity, if you want to feel the real happiness in life and bask in the sunshine amidst the Himalayas, visit Bhutan, the happiest country in Asia. One of the top countries in the world which has the highest global happiness index, Bhutan tour packages are one of the most sought-after tourism packages by travelers across the globe in recent time. Best DMC for India, like as Truly India Tours, always offer attractive tour packages for Bhutan.

Still untouched by the modern world to a great extent and with a strict entry policy, this tiny kingdom is indeed a traveler’s delight, and any holiday packages for Bhutan should be planned in a systematic manner. One basic rule is that a tourist must have a driver and a guide accompanying him for a trip to this paradise. Truly India Tours offers the best deals in Bhutan tours and travels.

Bhutan is basically a Buddhist kingdom, beautified with ancient monasteries. The major attractions in Bhutan tours include the Dzongs or districts, each having their own unique charm and beauty. The prominent ones are the Punakha Dzong – supposed to be the most beautiful Dzong in Bhutan, Thimpu, the capital kingdom, Trashi Chhoe Dzong, the Paro Dzong, and the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, also referred as the Taktshang Goemba Dzong.

The traditional hot stone baths in Bhutan is highly recommended for all tourists. Hot stone bath is basically a tub made of wood and installed in a wooden chamber. The tub is filled with water mixed with Artemisia or Khempa leaves and heated using roasted river stones. There are holes in the chamber which allow the heat to be infused into the bath. It is believed to have medicinal benefits when you soak in the water for few hours. Hot stone baths can be enjoyed near natural streams. But, there are many hotels, farm stays and resorts that offer exotic hot stone baths in Paro, Punakha, Bumthang etc. Truly India Tours offers you the best hotel deals at this exotic place for a memorable stay.

The monasteries, the unique and rich Bhutanese cultural diversity, mesmerizing Himalayan scenery, trekking on the hill tops and walking in the unblemished valleys are the major attractions of this remote kingdom. Of course, you cannot miss out the spicy Bhutanese meals. Truly India Tours can design and plan the finest Bhutan travel guide and Bhutan tour packages from India in the best possible way.

Bhutan is basically a wet country with rains almost all the year round. The best time to visit is in the months of October to December, where the air is all the more pristine, with bright sun, clear skies and little rainfall. Bhutan Trekking Tours are best taken during this time. India travel packages always include Bhutan in their tour packages.

Being a nature’s paradise, travelers can also visit the place as per their interests. For instance, if you want to enjoy the snow, you have to visit Bhutan in the months of December to February. March to May is the spring time where you can hear the birds chirping, and see new flowers blooming all around, especially the famous rhododendrons, giving a colorful look to the entire valley. The rare black-necked cranes make their appearance in between late October and mid-February. However, avoid going during the peak monsoon time from June to August.

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