Varakkara Pooram

Varakkara Pooram

Varakkara Pooram

Year Dates
2023 jan  14 2023
2024 To be announced

Varakkara Pooram is one of the famous festivals celebrated at the Varakkara Bhagavathikkavu Temple in Trichur in the state of Kerala. It is an important cultural festival celebrated in Kerala on a grand scale. Varakkara Pooram is an annual festival which the locals love to celebrate with great pomp and style. Today, Varakkara Pooram is considered to be one of the best festival tours in India as people from other parts of India look forward to visit Kerala during this time and celebrate this festival. The festival takes place in the month of January every year. Varakkara Pooram 2023 date is 14th January. Get your tickets booked for Varakkara Pooram 2023 Tour, Kerala.

About the Temple

Varakkara Bhagavathikkavu Temple is a renowned temple located around 20 kms from the town of Thrissur in Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathy or Adi Shakti, a reincarnation of Goddess Durga. Along with Goddess Bhagavathy, you will also see the shrines of other Gods and Goddesses inside the temple like as Ganapathy, Subramanyam, Landakaran, Ruthiramala, GuruMuthappan, AdiMuthappan, Brahmarakshassu etc. The temple has become an important religious destination and pilgrimage centre for many tourists and Hindu pilgrims and they specially like to visit the place during the Varakkara Pooram festival.

Highlights of Varakkara Pooram

Varakkara Pooram is an interesting event for cultural and religious experience seekers.  Not only pilgrims and tourists, hundreds of people of varied interests, throng to this place to have a festive time here. The architecture of the temple, the festival celebrations and the elephant procession draw people from all over India to attend Varakkara Pooram. The nicely decorated elephants with jewelleries and silk clothes, attractive howdahs, and well-dressed mahouts are lined up in front of the temple and they move in a procession within the complex. The herd of decorated elephants at the backdrop of the temple is a jaw-dropping sight. At the same time, the highlight of the festival is the Panchavadyam, in which hundreds of priests gather together and play five different instruments at the temple complex in Kerala. There is a religious musical orchestra that echoes all around, and pilgrims and tourists just get totally get obsessed with it.   The exotic and exquisite music is truly a unique experience for the travellers during Varakkara Pooram.

Typically celebrated for a single day but on a grand scale, Varakka Pooram is memorable event for everyone. Book your tickets with the best inbound tour operators in India and experience the exuberant Varakkara Pooram festival in Kerala. Varakkara Pooram festival Tour is worth experiencing. You will be amazed to see the zeal and enthusiasm of the local crowd in their way of celebrating the festival, keeping in mind the cultural and religious significance of the festival. An ideal tour for cultural experience seekers and budding photographers of India.

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Jan 14 2023


Thrissur, Kerala