Thaipooyam/ Thaipoosam

Thaipooyam/ Thaipoosam

Thaipooyam/ Thaipoosam

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2023 5th February 2023
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Thaipoosam is one of the most popular festivals celebrated in many places of South India but it is more prominently known for its celebrations by the Hindu Tamil community in Tamil Nadu. Thaipoosam falls on a new moon in the Tamil month of Thai (usually in the months of January or February). This is an annual festival, celebrated on a grand scale in Tamil Nadu, and is one of the best-known Traditional Festivals of South India. Thaipoosam is celebrated not only in India but also outside of India like as Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, and other places globally where Tamil speaking community resides. Thaipusam is also referred as Thaipooyam by Hindu Keralites.

In India, Tamil Nadu is declared as a state holiday for the festival. Devotees and tourists from different parts of India visit the state during this time to enjoy and explore the religious and cultural heritage of South India. Today, Thaipusam festival is considered as one of the best festival tours in India. Thaipusam 2023 date will be celebrated on 5th February 2023. Get ready for an exciting Thaipusam Tour 2023, Tamil Nadu, India.


The story says that when Devas got highly disturbed by the evil acts of demon Tarakasur, they prayed to Lord Shiva with great devotion. Pleased by their prayers, Lord Shiva sent their saviour, his son Lord Murugan or Lord Kartikeya. He defeated Tarakasur during the month of Thai. According to legends, the Thai month is highly auspicious.
It is also believed that Lord Murugan explained the meaning of the word “Aum” to his father during this month. The word “Aum” has a great value in Indian Hindu culture and is always revered as a Chant or as a Symbol. It signifies “creation” and a point in time when a student is gradually transformed into a teacher. Thaipusam is dedicated to Lord Murugan, to celebrate his heroic exploits of the Lord Murugan of destroying evil and showed the path of light, learning, and knowledge to mankind.

The Thaipusam Festival Celebrations

The Thaipusam festival is celebrated globally with lots of fun and gusto by the Tamil speaking Hindus. The Thaipusam or Thaipooyam is basically a festival which is celebrated as a festival of penance and thanksgiving. It is organized in all the Lord Murugan temples located in Tamil Nadu. The main festival centre is the Temple of Palani in Tamil Nadu. The festivities begin in the wee hours of the morning and it starts with the religious bathing of the Lord Murugan statue. Thereafter, a long procession follows with devotees carrying the Kavadi to make-up for their sins.

Kavadi Attam

One significant aspect of the celebration is Kavadi Attam which is referred as the ceremonial self-sacrifice dance. This is a unique dance which makes the audience awe-struck. It is one of the important rituals of the festival. “Kavadi” means “Burden.” The devotees perform this dance with the objective of handing over all their burdens and difficulties to God. They believe that God will take care of all their problems. They also believe that whoever does this ritual, all negativity will be expelled out of his or her body. However, in order to perform this ritual, devotees have to keep fast and pray regularly a few days before the actual festival begins. The idea is to cleanse your body from all evils before you face Lord Murugan to offer your prayers.


Another ritual that devotees follow is piercing their bodies and faces with metal screws, which is a way of showing their faith. After the ceremony of piercing, the devotees travel barefoot to reach the temple.
If you want to explore Tamil Nadu with its unique culture, then the best time to visit is during the Thaipusam festival. There is a huge rush in Tamil Nadu during this time. So, it is best advised to book a tour to Tamil Nadu well in advance to attend Thaipusam 2023. Thousands of devotees and tourists from India and abroad visit the place during this festival time. And the whole of Tamil Nadu comes alive with several spectacular religious activities and it is worth-seeing for a lifetime experience.

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