Rajasthan International Folk Festival, Jodhpur


Rajasthan International Folk Festival, Jodhpur

Year Dates
2023 26th to 30th Oct 2023
2024 To be announced

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for every music lover to witness the Rajasthan International Folk Festival held at beautiful Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur in the state of Rajasthan. An annual festival which every tourist with an artistic bent of mind, which every music lover, folk artists from the state and other parts of India look forward to enthusiastically. Rajasthan International Folk Festival has gained its prominence in each passing year as it provides a platform for skilled artists and budding talents from different parts of India and the global world to meet and display their skill. It is a unique opportunity to be part of an amalgamation of folk music that reverberates fun, excitement, and at the same time, safeguards one’s traditional culture and roots.
Jodhpur’s Rajasthan International Folk Festival (RIFF) is organized by the two heritage trusts – Mehrangarh Museum Trust and Jaipur Virasat Foundation, with an objective to promote music, art, culture of the state and to bring people together, irrespective of communities, culture, and creed. Basically, Jodhpur RIFF is People’s Platform for Creativity & Sustainable Development – a root music festival supported by UNESCO.
The Rajasthan International Folk Festival will be held in the month of October in 2023. RIFF 2023 dates are from Oct 26th to 30th Oct 2023. A 5-day festival organized at beautiful Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur is a must visit to witness the rich musical legacy of the state of Rajasthan. Are you prepared for Jodhpur’s Rajasthan International Folk Festival Tour 2023?

Highlights of the festival

Jodhpur RIFF is a way to connect to the people of India and abroad with a series of magnificent concerts and spectacular events in and around Mehrangarh Fort. Mehrangarh Fort itself is an ancient heritage fort in Rajasthan, and an important tourist attraction. It was also voted as “Asia’s Best Fortress” by Time Magazine a few years back. The festival events that take place against the backdrop of this ancient beautiful fort make it all the more alluring and exciting.
Jodhpur RIFF can be considered as a global folk music festival. It is one of the best festival tours in India. Many people prefer to visit Jodhpur during the festival time. The entire event is a spectacular one where you can see a perfect blend of root music from various states of India and various other countries in the world. Various renowned international artists visit Jodhpur to perform every year at the Rajasthan International Folk Festival.
The festival helps in maintaining the legacy of traditional music of Rajasthan. Efforts are taken to train musicians, produce new sounds and create artists and display their skills through innovative presentations and collaborations. Jodhpur RIFF promotes the identity of folk artists. The artists evolve and adapt roots music and blend to contemporary themes.
Tourists and music lovers get to see some traditional instruments being played by artists which is a major highlight of the event. The festival also has dedicated programs for female folk singers where various senior level artists perform. This is a non-for-profit musical festival organized to support young and old artists and to keep the cultural identity of the state intact.
Book your tickets in advance for Rajasthan International Folk Festival at Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur. Best Inbound Tour Operator in India offers an opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan through the Jodhpur RIFF Tours. If you want to experience the true Rajasthani culture through a celebration of India’s musical legacy, then Rajasthan International Folk Festival, Jodhpur 2023 is worth attending.

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Oct 26 - 30 2023