Pushkar Fair


Pushkar Fair

Year Dates
2023 20th to 27th  November
2024 9th  to 15th November 2024

Pushkar Fair is an annual festival held in the town of Pushkar in the state of Rajasthan on a grand scale. It is an extravagant festival that everyone in the state looks forward to each year. In fact, Pushkar festival is considered as one of the best festival tours in India as people all over the country, including tourists from abroad, make a visit to Pushkar during the festival time. Pushkar Fair or the Pushkar Camel Fair is held in the month of Kartik Purnima, which usually falls in the month of November. Pushkar Camel Festival, Rajasthan 2023 dates are 20th to 27th November 2023 and Pushkar Camel Festival, Rajasthan 2024 dates from 9th November to 15th 2024. Pushkar Fair is one of the best festivals of Rajasthan and is celebrated with great enthusiasm by the locals and the tourists. Book your Pushkar Camel Festival Tour 2023 now.

About the place Pushkar

Pushkar is one of the oldest cities of Rajasthan, located 15 Km away from Ajmer. Being surrounded by hillocks on three sides with a rich timeless architectural heritage, Pushkar is an important tourist centre with a good number of tourist attractions. Pushkar is home to the only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma in the global world and for Hindus, Pushkar is an important pilgrimage centre to attain salvation. Pushkar Fair makes this place all the more popular, and every year, you see lakhs of tourists from India and abroad visiting this place for this grand carnival.

Highlights of the Pushkar Fair

Attended by foreign tourists, Pushkar Fair has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in Rajasthan in today’s time. This annual event is almost a 100-year-old annual event, and its size has become all bigger and bigger in each passing year. Pushkar camel fair gives an opportunity for tourists to explore the vibrant culture of Rajasthan in a much better way. Some of the highlights of the Pushkar Fair are as follows:

Camel Fair: Camel shows are very popular here. Hundreds of beautifully decorated camels are the focal points of the Fair, and hence popularly referred as the Pushkar Camel Fair. Camel races, camel beauty pageants, camel dance and parade, including camel trading are popular activities. More than 25,000 camels are traded at Pushkar Fair annually.
Cattle Fair: Cattle trading is another popular highlight of the fair. Cattle owners from across the state and other parts of the country come with their well-dressed cattle, including cows, horses, goats, and sheep for trading. Cattle trading was one of the prime reasons for organising the Pushkar fair in the initial years.
Business Opportunities: Hundreds of camels, cattle, horses are brought to the fair ground. The tradesmen and owners come with their livestock for selling and buying purpose. Stalls are arranged to sell Rajasthani Traditional Handicrafts. The tradesmen gather here many commercial activities.
Holy dip in the Pushkar lake: Pushkar fair is held at a time which is considered to be very auspicious. It is believed that if people take a holy dip in Pushkar Lake during holy Kartik month, they get special blessings and are blessed with good fortune. So, Pushkar Fair is not simply a livestock trading fair, it is also a pilgrimage tour for many. Offering prayers at the Brahma Temple, bathing in Pushkar Lake, attending the Maha Arti are some of the major attractions for the pilgrims and tourists. As per legends, all 330 million Hindu Gods and Goddesses visit Pushkar Lake on the full moon night of the Karthik month. Pushkar Fair is thus a popular religious tour in India.
Cultural programs: Cultural programs from morning till night, magic shows, exhibitions of traditional handlooms and handicrafts, camel and horse races, the longest moustache competition, bridal competition are some of the events that people look forward to. It attracts traders, artisans from across the country. The fair ground becomes a platform for local and international talented artists to perform. Folk songs and dances enthral the audience. Magicians, snake charmers, and other folk artists come to Pushkar Mela to showcase their skills.
Shopping: Exhibitions and stalls at the Fair ground sell a huge range of products that you can take back home as souvenirs.
Desert camping: Desert camping with luxury tents is one of the best things to do in Pushkar Fair. You can book a luxurious camp package for Pushkar Fair. Camping in the sand dunes is a different experience altogether.
Camel Safari: Tourists also prefer to go for camel safari on the sand dunes, which give you a chance to explore the vast Thar desert.
• Hot air balloon: Hot air balloon ride lets you enjoy a panoramic view of this small yet beautiful town with rich cultural heritage.
Harmony half marathon: Another event which is popular in the Pushkar Fair is the Harmony Half Marathon, which is a 14 km run from Dargah Ajmer Sharif to Pushkar Stadium Ground.
Last but not the least, for tourists, the Pushkar Fair gives you a plethora of local Rajasthani delicacies to enjoy to the fullest.
partment promote the Ladakh Festival every year to attract people from all over the globe to this beautiful place. Tour operators in India make arrangement of special transport services during the festival.

Pushkar Fair is a wonderful amalgamation of the rich culture of Rajasthan and the locals of the desert. It is indeed a visit worth making in your lifetime. Pushkar Fair attracts more than 2 lakh people every year from around the world. Attending Pushkar Camel Fair 2023 will indeed be a rich cultural experience. Book your tour to Pushkar, Rajasthan India for experiencing the beauty of this place. If you want to explore more of Rajasthan, you can also opt for tour packages to Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur or Ajmer tour packages. Best In bound Tour Operators in India offer various tour programs to make your tour to Pushkar, Rajasthan a memorable one during the Pushkar Fair. The Pushkar Fair is one of the best tourist festivals in India to experience the rustic charm of Rajasthani culture.

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Nov 20 - 27 2023