Phyang Tserup, Leh, Ladakh


Phyang Tserup, Leh, Ladakh

Year Dates
2023 15th and 16th July 2023
2024  To be announced

If you want to explore an extravagant display of art, culture, rituals, music and food of the Buddhist Lamas, then Phyang Tserup Festival is just for you. An annual festival celebrated at the ancient , Phyang Monastery near Leh (Ladakh), this is one of the most-awaited Buddhist festival for the locals as well as the tourists of the country. Phyang Tserup Festival is among the most important festivals for Buddhists.
Phyang Tserup is organized in the month of July or August for a period of 2 days. It is a festival of the Lamas where Thankha of Jigten Gombo is worshipped. There are many other fun and spiritual activities that take place during the festival time which entice Buddhist pilgrims from other countries too to celebrate the festival here.
Every year, Phyang Tserup sees huge throng of visitors from various parts of India and abroad. Phyang Tserup 2023 dates are 15th and 16th July 2023. If you want explore a true essence of a monastery lifestyle, then book for Phyang Tserup Tour at the earliest. A monastery with a scenic beauty in the lap of Leh, Phyang is itself a major tourist attraction of Leh, Ladakh. Visiting this place during Phyang Tserup makes way for a more enriching and memorable experience for all.

Major Highlights of Phyang Tserup Festival

The beautiful, multi-colored landscape amidst the small hamlets inhabited the people of Tibetan heritage, the Tibetan Plateau, Leh, is itself a tourist paradise. The snow-capped mountains, the beautiful valleys, the lush farmland, attractive monasteries, ancient monuments – all these make Leh, Ladakh, one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. A tour to Leh is a must in one’s lifetime. A visit to Leh during Phyang Tserup Festival is the all more worthwhile for an unforgettable experience.
• The whole of Leh comes to life during the Phyang Tserup Festival at Phyang Monastery. The Phyang Monastery becomes a centre of attraction. It is beautifully decked up for the occasion. Phyang Monastery is located 17 kms west of Leh and is home to about 70 monks

• Buddhist monks and pilgrims visit the monastery to offer prayers to the deity. Thankha of Jigten Gombo, the presiding deity is worshipped.

• Offerings are made in the monastery. The festival is held to celebrate the victory of good over evil.

• Mask dance by the lamas is one of the major highlights of the festival. The lamas wear colourful silk costumes with heavy decorative masks while performing the dance drama depicting various Buddhist tales. This popular dance drama is referred as Chham. This is, in fact, the core ceremony of the festival.

• An exhibition is held at the monastery ground, displaying arts, crafts and looms of the region. Tourists have a gala time shopping for unique Buddhist artefacts. Face Masks are one of the major products sold in the exhibition.

• Tons of messages of Lord Buddha are displayed in the festival carnival.

• The festival not only gives an opportunity for pilgrims and tourists to be a part of the region’s unique rituals, it also gives them a chance to explore the place with so much scenic beauty. There are countless alluring attractions that attract people worldwide. Besides the scenic spots, people can be engaged in sports and other fun activities like as polo, archery, river rafting. So, overall, a trip to Leh, Ladakh during Phyang Tserup is a fun trip altogether.

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Jul 15 - 16 2023