Marwar Festival Jodhpur


Marwar Festival Jodhpur

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Rajasthan – the colourful state of India with forts, palaces, monuments, lakes, ethnic charm and rich history, is also a state with many colourful festivals that keep the cultural integrity of the state intact. One such festival which is known for its cultural ethnicity and rich heritage is the Marwar Festival that is held in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Marwa Festival in Jodhpur is an annual festival that is organized in a grand way and the people of Jodhpur looks forward to this festival enthusiastically. The festival is celebrated to commemorate the bravery and courage of Rajasthan’s warrior kings and princes.
Marwar Festival is an entertaining music and dance festival, celebrated for 2 days in the holy month of Ashwin, on a Sharad Poornima or full moon day, which usually falls in the month of September or October. Marwar Festival, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 2023 dates are not yet announced but if you are longing to witness a traditional cultural and music festival with an ethnic element, then Marwar Festival in Jodhpur is a must. A tour to Jodhpur, Rajasthan during the Marwar Festival time gives you a better chance to explore the city of Jodhpur in its best form.

Significance of Marwar Festival

The city of fort, Jodhpur, is an important tourist centre of India with its rich cultural, historical, and architectural roots. Every year, a huge number of tourists from India and worldwide visit Jodhpur to explore the rich Rajasthani Heritage. Marwar Festival in Jodhpur has its own unique charm and a popular cultural extravaganza, enticing the locals and the tourists. Marwar festival was previously referred as ‘Maand’. A festival dedicated to the brave soldiers and warriors of Rajasthan. A festival to celebrate the bravery of Rajasthan’s warriors and the stories of the great rulers of Rajasthan. .

Highlights of the Marwar Festival, Jodhpur

The two-day annual festival is celebrated in multiple locations in the city of Jodhpur. There are different programs, events and activities in different venues in the city. People choose their venue as per their interest of the programs or events. Some prefer to hop from one venue to another to enjoy the various programs. The locations are the various forts and palaces that display the architectural splendour of the state. Umaid Bhawan Palace in Mandore and Mehrangarh Fort are two popular venues of the Marwar Festival. On the occasion of the festival, the venues are beautifully decked up. This itself makes the Marwar Festival all the more alluring.
The Marwar Festival is not limited to only music and dance festival. It is more than that. You get to explore the culture, arts and crafts and and cuisines of the state too.
• A number of folk artists, prominent and budding folk musicians, dancers and singers are invited to perform. Rajasthani folk artists narrate the tales of Rajasthan’s Rajputana rulers and their bravery acts through music, dance and songs. The Ghoomar dance and other traditional dances enthral the audience a lot.
• At times, dress code is given for the guests like as white kurta pajama for gents and pink dress or sarees for women. The whole ambiance in which the festival takes place depicts a lot about erstwhile royal times. The royal family also participates in various events.
• Not to forget the stalls where you see a plethora of Rajasthan’s handicrafts, jewelleries, garments and other items. This is a shopping bonanza for the tourists. Also, you get to enjoy the widest range of Rajasthani delicacies.
• Other celebratory cultural events include the camel tattoo show, turban tying competition, and Polo matches which are added attractions.
• The festival also gives a great scope to tourists to know more about Royal Rajasthan, including the rural life of the people of Rajasthan.
Marwar Festival, Jodhpur, Rajasthan is one of the best festival tours in India. Marwar Festival is indeed a unique celebration of life, art, music and dance. So, book a tour to Jodhpur, Rajasthan for Marwar Festival celebrations 2023. It will surely be a fruitful experience. The best tour operator in India offers various Marwar Festival Tour Packages for an exciting and fun-filled vacation and cherished memories of royalty and history.

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Apr 13 - 19 2023