Majuli Raas Mahotsav


Majuli Raas Mahotsav

Year Dates
2023 21st to 24th November 2023
2024 To be announced

The Raas Mahotsav Festival is one of the best-known festivals in Assam, which in recent time, has gained prominence all across the country, including abroad. It is an annual festival celebrated in the largest inhabited river island of the world, that is Majuli, located in Assam. It is a 4-day festival celebrated in the name of Lord Krishna, which starts on the Raas Purnima day, and this usually falls in the month of November every year. Majuli Raas Mahotsav 2023 dates are from 21st November to 24th November 2023. Book your calendar for Majuli Raas Mahotsav 2023 for an extraordinary festival of depiction of Krishna’s life using masks, puppets, folk dances and songs. Majuli Raas Mohotsav, also referred as Majuli Festival is one of the most popular festivals in Northeast India. A tour to Majuli during the festival time gives you an opportunity to know the rich cultural heritage of Assam.

About Majuli

Majuli is itself a prominent tourist destination in recent time. Located on the bank of river Brahmaputra in Assam, Majuli, is the largest fresh water river island in the world and is an important centre of Vaishnavite culture, that originated way back in the 16th century. Majuli in literal terms means ‘land between two parallel rivers’. It lies between Brahmaputra river in the north and Burhidihing river in the south. The place is a treasure house of culture and rich traditions of Assam, in the ambit of the mighty Brahmaputra. The island is the home to many Vaisnavite Satras, each different from the other, and form the major part of the tourist attractions of the region. It is a world heritage site and every year, a huge number of tourists throng to this island during the Majuli Festival time. .

Highlights of Majuli Raas Mahotsav

The Majuli Raas Mahotsav makes the Majuli island all the more alluring with its scenic beauty in the midst of midst of mighty Brahmaputra and the neo-celebrations of the Vaishnavite culture.

• Majuli is converted in to a pilgrim centre where devotees of Krishna from all across the country visit the place and pay their homage to the ancient traditions of Vaishnavite culture. For tourists in general, the Majuli festival is the time to explore rural Assam, time to explore Assam’s traditions, arts and crafts in the lap of nature.

• Several cultural programs and exhibitions of Assam’s crafts and looms mark the Majuli festival.

• Raas Leela is an integral part of the festival. Infact, the major attraction of the festival is actually the Raas Leela, where Lord Krishna’s life is depicted through dance dramas and plays, also referred as Bhaunas in Assamese. The festival is a way of paying obeisance to Lord Krishna by the people of Majuli through these Bhaunas.

• The artists are seen in heavy decorative costumes in these plays with heavy makeup, depicting the mythological creatures.

• Exhibitions also form an important part of Raas Mahotsav which is every tourist’ delight. Various handmade natural face masks are made which are splendid artistic displays, admired by all. There is a galore of other handmade items and crafts and handloom items in display depicting Assam’s rich culture.

• The food festival offering mouth-watering traditional delicacies of Assamese cuisine is another major attraction.

A visit to Majuli during the festival time makes way for a complete tourist package, where you can take ferry rides on the Brahmaputra, take bicycle rides to explore the interior of the island and witness the rural life, and discover the different Satras of Majuli. The boat rides are enjoyed by one and all.
To reach Majuli, the nearest airport is Jorhat Airport and the railway station is Jorhat Railway Station. From there, you can take a bus or a taxi to reach Nimati Ghat, the main port in Jorhat and the entry point of Majuli. From Nimati Ghat, frequent ferry rides are available to take you to the island. Book your Majuli Raas Mahotsav Tour, Assam with the best inbound tour operator in India. Opt for customizable tour packages, where you get a chance to visit not only Majuli but also other major tourist spots of Assam. Participate in the Majuli Raas Mahotsav and make your Assam Majuli Tour a memorable one.

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Nov 21 - 24 2023