Kuttanellur Bhagavathy Temple Pooram

Kuttanellur Bhagavathy Temple Pooram

Kuttanellur Bhagavathy Temple Pooram

Year Dates
2023 Feb 02, 2023
2024 To be announced


About the Temple

Kuttanellur Bhagavathy Temple Pooram is one of the most important traditional festivals in South India. The festival is a week-long celebration held at Kuttanellur Bhagavathy Temple in Thrissur in Kerala. An annual festival in Kerala, it begins on Pooram Purappadu and ends on Kuttanellur Pooram, which falls usually in the months of February-March as per Malayalam calendar. Kuttanellur Bhagavathy Temple Pooram 2023 dates are from February 2nd to February 8th 2023. Get ready for Kuttanellur Bhagavathy Temple Pooram 2023 Tour.
About the Temple
This temple is one of the ancient temples in Kerala, dedicated to Goddess Durga. The main deity here is Goddess Bhagavathi, who is an incarnation of Maa Durga. There are two idols of Durga in the temple (referred as Nanadurgas). It is believed that Kuttanellur Bhagavathy Temple is one among the 108 Durga Temples in Kerala. Other deities present in the temple are Naga, Ayyappa, Bhadrakali, and Ganapathy.


Kuttanellur Bhagavathy Temple Pooram Celebrations

  • Pooram Purappadu: It is the first day of the festival and it starts with Pooram Purappadu which is basically the announcement of Pooram. On the first day of the celebration, a ritual is performed named as Pooram Paatu. Offerings made to Goddess on this day is considered very auspicious. Devotees throng to the temple to offer their prayers in the early hours of the morning. The whole temple complex is beautifully decorated with lights, diyas, lamps and fresh flowers and it just looks amazing.
  • Pageantry of elephants: A highlight of the Kuttanellur Bhagavathy Temple festival is the pageantry of elephants. Hundreds of elephants are decked up in rich decorative coverings and they stand in front of the temple complex. Thousands of devotees, tourists gather to witness this pageantry of caparisoned elephants. This is a sight which is not be missed at all.
  • Musical ensembles: Another highlight of the pooram is the musical ensembles that could be heard during the festival time. You could watch the melam, a classical performance of different kind of musical instruments that are unique to Kerala. During the festival days, the whole temple premise is abuzz with various musical renditions, devotional songs, melam from morning till night. Devotees after offering their prayers sit the entire day and enjoy various religious art forms.

The annual festival Kuttanellur Bhagavathy Temple Pooram in Kerala makes it one of the best festival tours in India. If you want to explore Kerala with its traditional charn, then this tour is a must. Book your tickets for Kuttanellur Bhagavathy Temple Pooram Tour 2023 in Kerala, India. The post-harvest festival, dedicated to Maa Durga at the Bhagavathy Temple is an occasion that people of Kerala and other parts of India look forward to every year. Such a festival is a mega spectacle for tourists. Visiting Kerala during this Pooram is one of the best times to explore the state, along with reminiscing the rich religious and cultural traditions of Kerala.

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Feb 02 2023