Kumbhalgarh Dance Festival


Kumbhalgarh Dance Festival

Year Dates
2023 1st to 3rd December 2023
2024 To be announced

Kumbhalgarh Dance Festival is an important festival celebrated annually in the ancient town Kumbhalgarh located in the state of Rajasthan. This is a 3-day classical dance festival organized by Rajasthan’s Tourism Department to promote the ancient historical town Kumbhalgarh and also the art and culture of the state. The spectacular dance festival at the backdrop of the ancient Kumbhalgarh fort in between the Aravalli hill range is definitely worth-experiencing and a life-time memorable event for art lovers, dance lovers, and of course, the regular tourists. The Kumbhalgarh Dance Festival is one of the best festival tours in Rajasthan, enthralling people from India as well as from the global world. Kumbhalgarh Dance Festival 2023 dates are from 1st to 3rd December 2023. Infact, this dance festival is always celebrated in the month of November or December, when it is a pleasant time to visit Rajasthan.

About Kumbhalgarh Fort

Kumbhalgarh is 84 km from Udaipur in Rajasthan. A beautiful fort amidst the Aravalli range, it is an important tourist centre in Rajasthan. In fact, it is the second most important citadel after Chittorgarh in the region of Mewar. This historic town has in its ambit many royal palaces, glorious chattris, and beautiful monuments and temples. The Kumbhalkar Dance Festival takes place at the Kumbhalkar Fort. The fort is an ancient one, built in 15th century and has a great sentimental and emotional significance for the people of Rajasthan because it is the birthplace of Maharana Pratap, the legendary king of Mewar. The fort is surrounded on all sides by a massive wall, almost 36 km stretch. This fort acted as a shield for many wars between the Hindu rulers and the Mughals. In the 19th century, the fort was renovated by Maharana Fateh Singh. Today, it stands as a historical centre for tourists. The large fort complex with the ancient ruins, cradled in the Aravalli range looks just awesome. You can have a bird’s eye view of the entire Kumbhalkar region and nearby areas from atop the fort.

Major attractions of the Kumbhalgarh Dance Festival

The 3-day Kumbhalgarh Dance Festival displays Rajasthani culture in the best way possible. It is an amalgamation of entertainment, culture, and art. It celebrates the arts and culture of the region and the objective is to promote and preserve the rich art and cultural heritage of the region. The event takes place at the Kumbhalgarh fort. It started on a small scale previously but gradually it gained its popularity, and today it is one of the major festivals celebrated in Rajasthan. The grandeur and magnificence of the fort also add to the fame of this dance festival.
• The Kumbhalgarh dance festival is divided into two parts and the events and activities take place twice a day. During the daytime, competitions and contests are held like as turban tying, henna applying, folk dance and song contests and performances by the local Rajasthani artists. Musical chair game is also organized to involve the crowd in the festivities.
• During the evening, many prominent Indian artists come to perform, which is something which the locals and tourists look forward to. Some popular folk Rajasthani dance forms that are performed are Kalbeliya, Bhavai, Chari, Peacock dances. Several famous dance troupes come to perform at the festival. Sufi dance recital by famous Sufi artists create a mesmerising ambiance.
• There are other musical performances like as Panihari, Ghoomar, Monsoon songs etc. Classical ragas and music like as Carnatic Music, Hindustani Music, including Bollywood songs are also performed which the audience enjoy to the core.
• Another important event is the famous puppet show, Puppetry Corner (Kathputli) by Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal, Rajasthan. This is one of the most popular events at Kumbhalgarh Dance Festival.
• Along with the cultural programs, visitors can also explore the various stalls and exhibitions displaying handicrafts, ethnic dresses, handmade jewelleries, and small souvenirs.
• Not to forget the plethora of Rajasthani food delicacies available at various food stalls lined up at the festival ground.

Getting there

The nearest airport is Maharan Pratap Airport, Debok, which is 115 KMs away from Kumbhalkar. The nearest railway station is City railway station, Udaipur, which is 82 KMs away. From the Railway Station, tourists can take a taxi or a bus to the fort town. Kelwara, which is 8 km away from Kumbhalkar is the major city nearby. You can also opt for traveling to the Kumbhalgarh Fort by road. The overall road network is well-maintained and easily accessible.
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Dec 01 - 03 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Kumbhalgarh , Rajasthan