Korzok Gustor, Ladakh


Korzok Gustor, Ladakh

Year Dates
2023 20th and 21th July 2023
2024  To be announced

The Korzok Gustor is one of the major traditional festivals of the Buddhists, celebrated at Korzok Monastery located in Korzok village in Ladakh. This annual festival is celebrated with great pomp and fervour by the Tibetan Buddhist community and the lamas. This ancient festival of the Buddhists has become a major tourist attraction in today’s time, considering the fact that Leh-Ladakh is one of the popular tourist destinations of the country. Visiting Ladakh during the Korzok Gustor festival has its own unique charm as you get to explore in-depth the Buddhist heritage and traditional rituals, making way for a memorable and exciting trip.


Korzok Gustor is usually held in the month of July or August. Korzok Gustor 2023 dates are 20th and 21st July 2023. A 2-day celebration that gives you an enriching experience of the Buddhist culture, heritage and traditions.

Highlights of Korzok Gustor Festival

Kurzok is a small village located to the South eastern part of Leh city and it takes around 6-hour drive to reach the village from Leh. A place with scenic beauty in the lap of snow-capped mountains of Leh, the lush valley and the lakes make Kurzok a worthwhile place to visit. Kurzok monastery, a Tibetan Buddhist monastery is located in this village, atop a small hill of a height of approx. 4,560 metres. The very location of the monastery is itself a tourist attraction that entices people from all parts of India to visit this monastery. Tsomoriri lake (one of the highest lakes in the world) and Tsokar lake are the main attractions in this region.
Kurzok Gustor is celebrated each year for 2 days and Buddhist pilgrims, monks, lamas, and Chang-pa, the Tibetan plateau nomadic herdsmen look forward to this festival with great enthusiasm.

Some of the major highlights of the festival are as follows:

• Black Hat Dance: This is one of the major highlights of the festival. Black Hat Dance is a masked danced performed to get rid of evil forces from the world.
• Sacred Masked Dance: Lamas also perform mask dances wearing heavy masks and beautiful costumes. They represent the Dharmapalas, which are supposed to be the guardian divinities of the Buddhist pantheon. Through the dance drama, they depict various Tibetan Buddhist tales and the triumph of good over evil. This dance form is popularly referred as Cham Dance.
• Prayers: The monastery has in in its ambit the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha along with images of other deities. Pilgrims offer prayers to the deities during the festival time.
• Buddhist artefacts: Tourists and lamas can also explore the beautiful paintings (Thangkas); old paintings, Buddhist artefacts which are displayed at the monastery.

The annual monastic festival, Kurzok Gustor, represents an important part of Ladakh’s cultural life. Explore the best of Karzok during the Kurzok Gustor festival. Along with the festival, enjoy the beautiful attractive spots of the region in your Tour to Leh. Book for Kurzok Gustor Leh-Ladakh Tour with the best inbound tour operator in India to have a wonderful experience in this beautiful part of India in the midst of scenic beauty and Tibetan Buddhists.

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Jul 20 - 21 2023