Kalliot Bhagavathy Temple Theyyam


Kalliot Bhagavathy Temple Theyyam

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Kalliot Bhagavathy Temple Theyyam is one of the best-known festivals, celebrated in a small town called Kalliot in Kasaragod district in the state of Kerala. This Theyyam is one of the most eagerly awaited festivals of the locals in Kalliot and nearby areas. This annual festival is held at the temple complex of Kalliot Bhagavathy Temple in the month of December.
The little village Kalliot is decked-up a beautifully for the occasion. Kalliot Bhagavathy Temple, which is one of the prime attractions of the region, becomes all the more attractive and alluring with fun, festivities, rituals and decorations. Kalliot as a whole comes to life during Kalliot Bhagavathy Temple Theyyam.

Theyyam is a popular ritual art form that originated in North Kerala. This is a folk-dance form that depicts the life stories of legends, Gods, demons, rulers of the state. There are various Theyyams celebrated in different regions in Kerala, and Kalliot Bhagavathy Temple Theyyam is one among them, which the locals of Kasargod and Kannur enjoy a lot. Kasargod was a part of Kannur district till 1984. Kannur and Kasargod are popular tourist destinations in Kerala. A visit to Kannur during the Theyyam time has its own unique charm of getting to explore the cultural life of Kerala in a much better way.

Kalliot Bhagavathy Temple Theyyam is held in a grand way at the Kalliot Bhagavathy Temple. While initially, this festival was attended by mostly the people of Kerala, today its popularity has attracted people from other parts of India as well. Kalliot Bhagavathy Temple Theyyam is one of the popular festival tours in Kerala, India in recent time.
Kalliot Bhagavathy Temple Theyyam encompasses dance, drama and music. This temple festival blends tradition and religious rituals in a dance form that originated in Kalliot. The artists wear heavy decorative costumes with heavy facepainting and headgear. The performers represent various characters of Hindy Mythology. The Theyyam dance is accompanied by drums, folk musical instruments and traditional songs. The blend of music, dance, vibrant colours, intricate make-up and energetic steps that are in complete rhythm with the beats and drums provide an overwhelming spectacle for the onlookers.

The entire temple complex and nearby areas look stunning. The fragrance of camphor, agarbatti, the lamps and diyas emitting lights from all sides, the musical beats – all these create an ambience of spirituality and festivities. Locals come to the temple to offer their prayers to the deity of the Kalliot Bhagavathy Temple and then eagerly wait for the events and performances.

Kalliot Bhagavathy Temple is the most awaited festival of Kasaragod and Kannur. The whole region comes to life and the people come together to celebrate this festival and exuberant festivity of tradition and folk art. Divine music, grand performances of Theyyam form, and a whole range of vibrant and exclusive rituals are conducted
Kalliot Bhagavathy Temple Theyyam is indeed a lifetime experience where you witness a feast of dance, music, rituals that are an essential part of

Kerala’s culture. A tour to Kannur, Kerala during Kalliot Bhagavathy Temple Theyyam is a must to enjoy an exclusive blend of art, traditions, music and dance that create a spiritual aura. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Kalliot Bhagavathy Temple Theyyam Tour Package with the best inbound tour operator in India.

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