Hola Mohalla


Hola Mohalla

Year Dates
2023 March 8- 10 2023
2024 To be announced

Hola Mohalla is a festival celebrated in the month of March right after the Holi Celebrations. It is a festival of the Sikh Community, celebrated at Anandpur Sahib in the state of Punjab. Hola Mohalla Festival 2023 dates are from 8th to 10th March 2023. A long-awaited festival by the Sikhs, today Hola Mohalla is one of the best festival tours in Punjab that one can make to witness the grand celebrations depicting military arts and skills. A 3-day long celebration, Hola Mohalla is all about knowing more about Punjab’s expertise in military and martial arts, holding a great significance for Nihang Sikhs, an armed Sikh warrior order, also considered as the Knights of the Guru.

History of Hola Mohalla

The Hola Mohalla fair was started by the tenth guru of the Sikhs, Great Guru Gobind Singh Ji in the year 1680. The objective was to teach and practice military exercises and martial arts and strengthen the Sikh Community so as to face the adverse situations bravely.  The first-ever Holla Mahalla was celebrated at one of the forts of Sri Anandpur Sahib, which is also referred as Holgarh. This was on the first of the lunar month of Chet, which usually falls in March. Guru Gobind Singh Ji got the Nihangs to practice battles, re-enact battles and trained them personally to be ready for the battles as and when they come. Ever since then, the tradition continues even today for Hola Mohalla Festival, Anandpur Sahib, Punjab.

How is Hola Mohalla Celebrated?

Mohalla as explained in the first Sikh encyclopaedia is an organized parade or a cheerful procession. Hola Mohalla, Anandpur Sahib, Punjab is celebrated as an annual fair of 3 days. The Sikh community observe the and others by watching and participating in the martial arts processions, led by the Gurudwara’s Nishan Sahibs. This colourful parade at Anandpur Sahib is never to be missed. This has become a very popular festival of India and is witnessed by people from all over India in large numbers. Book your tour to Punjab for Hola Mohalla Festival Anandpur Sahib, 2023 at the earliest to enjoy the celebrations of brotherhood, fraternity and valour. Tourists have lifetime experience, having a glimpse of exemplary displays of bravery and prowess. The Hola Mohalla is a big celebration for Sikhs all over the world.

Some highlights of the festival

  • The highlight of the festival is the colourful parade of Nihangs on horses and elephants and on foot carrying a variety of traditional and modern weapons and displaying their skills in using them.
  • The Nihangs in the parade are adorned in their ceremonial dress, which makes the parade look all the more colourful.
  • Backed by drum beats and other pomp and show, the Nihangs demonstrate their mastery in the use of weaponry, their spectacular feats of fighting, drills and ‘gatka’, tent-pegging.
  • People also enjoy daredevil acts like bareback horse-riding, standing upright on two running horses and many other such extraordinary performances.
  • As a part of the celebrations, Gatka (mock encounters with real weapons) take place and the participants fundamentally strengthen their military skills during these mock battles.
  • Along with these, Hola Mohalla Fair also has other programs to enjoy, such as Kirtans and Bhajans including religious lectures, music and poems.

Langars at Anandpur Sahib, Punjab

An exciting part of any celebrations by the Sikh community is the Langar, the food prepared in the community kitchen and distributed to everyone attending the Hola Mohalla Festival. Langar is served to the tourists and pilgrims and other Sikhs who eat while sitting in rows on the ground (Pangat).

How to reach Anandpur Sahib, Punjab?

Anandpur Sahib is located in the foothills of the Shivaliks in Punjab. A place of historical importance, Anandpur Sahib is also an important tourist destination in Punjab, especially during the Hola Mohalla Festival. Buses and Cars are easily available to ply from Chandigarh, Ambala, Delhi and travellers can enjoy the route amidst the luxurious greens on the highway.

Hola Mohalla festival is now replicated in various Gurdwaras in India and worldwide. But Hola Mahalla Anandpur Sahib Punjab is of course the best one to attend to have a memorable lifetime experience. Tourists interested in attending Hola Mohalla Festival 2023 can book their tickets with the best inbound operator in India for a relaxing and memorable holiday in Punjab


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Mar 08 - 10 2023