Diskit Gustor


Diskit Gustor

Year Dates
2023 12th and 13th October 2023
2024  To be Announced

Diskit Gustor is one among the major Buddhist festival celebrated on a grand scale at Diskit Monastery in Ladakh. This annual festival is celebrated on 28th and 29th of the ninth month of Tibetan lunar calendar, which usually falls in the month of October. The Diskit Gustor is a festival to celebrate the cultural life of Ladakh keeping in mind the Tibetan Buddhism principles and rituals followed by the monks in the region. Ladakh is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India and visiting Ladakh during the festival has its own unique charm to make it more memorable and enriching. Diskit Gustor Festival 2023 dates are 12th and 13th October 2023. A 2-day festival which the locals look forward to every year. In fact, Buddhist festivals have become popular festival tours in India. A tour to Ladakh during Diskit Gustor is a must to explore this beautiful region in a better way and witness the Tibetan monk lifestyle and traditions and rituals.
Diskit is a monastery located in Nubra valley in Ladakh. This is supposed to be the oldest and the largest monastery in the valley. The monastery, standing atop a hill, is itself is a beautiful sight to be admired, overlooking the valley and the Shayok River. It is one of the popular tourist attractions in Ladakh and during the Diskit Gustor festival, the monastery and the region come to live with festivities around. The locals and the tourists enjoy a lot this festival and every year, we see a huge throng of tourists attending this festival

Highlights of Diskit Gustor Festival

• Like all Buddhist festivals, Diskit Gustor is also celebrated to depict the triumph of good over evil and pay homage to the presiding deity of the monastery.
• One of the major tourist attractions of the region is the tallest statue of future Buddha ‘Maitreya’. During the festival, the statue is beautifully decorated and people come to offer their prayers here.
• The major highlight of the monastic festival Diskit Gustor is the Cham Dance performed by the monks and the locals, wearing heavy masks and colourful costumes.
• Different melodic Tibetan instruments like drums, cymbals, and long horns are played by the monks creating a soothing experience for the tourists.
• Soul touching hymns are sung by the monks and they are joined by the locals and other visitors.
• The festival is celebrated with great zeal for 2 days, and on the second day, an effigy of a demon is burnt, displaying the destruction of evil.
Make a plan to visit Diskit Monastery in Ladakh for the Diskit Gustor Festival. It takes place in the month of October when the winter season is just about to set in. Driving to Diskit Monastery amidst the snow-capped mountains is a real pleasure. Usually, people take the flight to Leh and then from there, they go towards the Nubra Valley. The monastery is just about 150 km from Leh by roads. In today’s time, people from different parts of India travel to Ladakh to enjoy the Diskit Gustor Festival. The local people and the monks in the monastery welcome the tourists with open arms and every one enjoys the festival to the core. Book Diskit Gustor Festival, Ladakh Tour with the best inbound tour operator in India for a memorable journey.

Celebrations of Thirunelli Vishu Festival

• On Vishu day, the whole temple complex is beautifully decorated with flowers, lights and lamps. The entire temple looks just splendid when the architectural carvings of the temple become more prominent and visible with lighting effects. Everywhere around there is a festive mood. It is Vishu after all, the new year for Keralites. All people visit the Thirunelli Temple to offer their prayers because it is considered auspicious to pray to Lord Vishnu, the presiding deity of the temple.
• Many take a dip in the mountain spring Papanasini.
• There are many devotees who come to the temple on Vishu day to offer prayers and ritual offerings to ancestors at the sacred rock near the temple.
• Some also perform Pithrukarm on this day at the temple.
• Various cultural art forms of Kerala such as Ottanthullal and Kathakali, Kolkali (a tribal art form) are performed during the festival at Thirunelli temple.
Thirunelli Vishu Festival 2023 dates are 15th and 16th April 2023 and Thirunelli Vishu Festival 2024 falls on 14th and 15th April 2024. Wayanad in the North East part of Kerala is an important tourist destination in Kerala, known for its forest reserve, wild life, and spice gardens, along with ancient temples and monuments. A tour to Wayanad during Thirunelli Temple Vishu Festival is indeed an unforgettable experience for the tourists and devotees. Book your Thirunelli Vishu Festival tour now with the best inbound tour operator in India.

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Oct 12 - 13 2023